Monday, 11 April 2016

Camp memo

Help i’m stuck my foot won't come out” I say
“Dont worry I got you dylan “ yelled andy
Up I went , I charged through  with know idea what was to come next . Then I saw it a trench waiting for someone  to fall in I was next I saw it coming closer and closer I ran for it but all of a sudden I stopped “ I can't do this it's to far “ I cried but in the end I did it so did my team !


After the mud run my team had a nice warm outdoor shower and got dressed. Then we did the cookout we made a vegetable , sausage and potato stew it was delicious after dinner we toasted our own marshmallows and had some yummy pavlova . after that we went up to the restaurant and did a lip sync battle everybody did exilent after that we went to bed “good night “      
                   THE END
toasting marshmallows.jpg       

     Hope you all had a great time ! 😉

                       By Dylan     

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  1. Well done, Dylan. Next time remember to find your mistakes. I really like the language you used!